An unhealthy gut may affect your immune system, contribute to disease, and impact mental health.  When you have a healthy gut, your gastrointestinal tract has a good balance of gut bacteria and is able to properly digest and absorb nutrients, as well as some medications such as hormones.   An imbalance in gut bacteria can result in psychological symptoms like brain fog and irritability.  This is why your gut is called your “second brain.”  Avoiding sugar and processed foods and consuming alcohol in moderation is beneficial to the gut, as are probiotics and fermented foods to feed the good bacteria.  Oftentimes, a candida diet, or yeast-free diet, is recommended to re-establish a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut.

Call to speak to a pharmacist about gut health protocols in addition to the ones listed below.

Compounded Nystatin


Compounded Low-dose Naltrexone