What Sets Physicians Preference Pharmacy Apart?

At Physicians Preference Pharmacy, we believe that prescription drugs are over-prescribed, treating only symptoms but not addressing the underlying condition.

We believe that the right balance of bioidentical hormones not only makes people feel better, but can transform their lives.

We believe that the relationship between the patient, practitioner, and pharmacist is critical to the patient achieving optimal hormone balance.

We believe that the art of prescription compounding is essential in providing the customized dosages and forms prescribed for the patient by the doctor.

We believe that a patient’s response to hormone replacement therapy is a direct reflection of the quality of the hormones they’re taking, and they expect their pharmacy to specialize in bioidentical hormones and deliver them with extraordinary hospitality and guest service.


Replenishing what the body is truly lacking in the form of a customized bioidentical hormone regimen rather than using conventional pharmaceutical drugs allows patients to get healthy and well, naturally.

What We Really Do

At Physicians Preference Pharmacy, we compound bioidentical hormones prescribed by the physician and tailored to patients’ specific needs.

How We Do It Differently

Physicians Preference Pharmacy was one of first pharmacies in the nation to receive Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) accreditation in 2007 and has remained certified ever since.  PCAB accreditation is the benchmark of quality in the industry, as its standards exceed those of most state boards of pharmacy.

We don’t “dabble” in different types of compounding; bioidentical hormones are our specialty and have been since 2001.

Physicians Preference Pharmacy Quality

All of our compounded products are weight-tested for accuracy onsite. Physicians Preference Pharmacy standards are more stringent than that of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).  In addition to onsite weight testing, we send multiple samples per week to an outside laboratory for potency testing.  Physicians Preference Pharmacy ranks first in Houston for the number of samples sent for potency testing and in the top 8% of pharmacies nationwide.

Hormones can be tailored to individual needs through multiple dosage forms—capsules (slow-release, dye-free capsules and vegan capsules), topical and vaginal creams, and sublingual tablets—in multiple strengths.  Custom compounding of hormones matches each patient’s unique needs and body chemistry instead of the “one size fits all” approach used with off-the-shelf hormones.

Lactose- and Paraben-Free Hormones

Because of our commitment to complete health and wellness, our compounded preparations are free of lactose and parabens.

  • Lactose is an inexpensive filler used by many compounding pharmacies, and is a type of sugar not easily digested by the body. Therefore, many patients experience digestive discomfort after taking preparations containing lactose.
  • Parabens are found in makeup and other topical body products on the market. These chemicals are hormone disruptors that have been shown to adversely affect the endocrine and reproductive systems and have been linked to certain types of cancers.

5-Star Service

Our company has a culture of extraordinary hospitality and service. We treat our patients as guests, whether in person or over the phone, and we strive to make each experience with Physicians Preference Pharmacy a WOW one.

Physicians Preference Pharmacy has helped tens of thousands of patients achieve health and wellness naturally using our compounded bioidentical hormones, filling over 1.5 million hormone prescriptions since 2001.   We have established relationships with over 100 doctors and their patients all over the United States and are able to maintain those relationships because of our top-notch service.

If we can do for you what we’ve done for so many others, what would keep you from partnering with us?