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Available Dosage Forms at Physicians Preference Pharmacy

Slow Release Capsules

This dosage form uses the micronized hormone (particle size small enough to be metabolized and absorbed by the body), microcrystalline cellulose, and hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (slow-release ingredient) in color-coded gelatin capsules. Physicians Preference Pharmacy does not use lactose in compounding. Dye-free and veggie capsules are also available for patients who have allergies or special requests.

Topical and Vaginal Creams

Micronized hormones are compounded in paraben-free cream bases specifically designed for hormone replacement therapy.  The vaginal cream base is hypo-allergenic and pH balanced for the vaginal area. Although not as convenient as capsules, topical creams are a good alternative for patients who have gut absorption issues.

Sublingual Tablets

Sublingual tablets dissolve under the tongue, allowing medications to pass through the lining of the floor of the mouth to the blood stream.  The area under the tongue is rich in blood vessels, which allows drugs to be absorbed through the oral mucosa directly into the blood stream, bypassing the stomach.  For some treatments, this results in rapid onset of action.  For example, Physicians Preference Pharmacy compounds a pharmaceutical-grade sublingual melatonin, which is very popular with our guests who have trouble falling asleep.