1. Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance. It is our experience that the majority of insurance companies do not cover compounded medications. We do provide Universal Claim Forms with each compounded prescription filled that may be submitted to an insurance company for reimbursement.

2.Do you accept Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards?


Shipping/ Pick-Up

3.How much does shipping cost?

Ground shipping anywhere in the U.S. (excluding U.S. territories) is $5.00. Expedited shipping is also offered. Overnight Air fees are $30.00 and Second Day Air fees are $15.00.

4. Do you ship outside the U.S.?

Physicians Preference Pharmacy is licensed to ship prescriptions within the U.S. only (excluding U.S. territories). Guests living outside of the U.S. must make arrangements with a third party in order to receive their prescriptions.  Please contact Physicians Preference Pharmacy for additional information. 

5. Can you ship to my post office box rather than a street address?

Physicians Preference Pharmacy utilizes UPS for all shipments.  Currently, UPS will only ship to a valid street address.  

6. Can my vitamins and supplements be shipped with my prescriptions?

Unfortunately, Hotze Vitamins Vitamins ships from a separate facility, so shipments cannot be combined.

7. How long does it take to get my order?

Orders are processed and shipped within 24-48 hours. Please see Map to view approximate transit time for shipping

8. Will I receive an email confirmation when my package is being shipped?

Yes.  An email confirmation is sent with tracking number at the end of the business day to valid email addresses on file. 

9. How will I know when my prescription is ready for pick-up?

You will receive a call when your prescription is ready for pick-up.  If you prefer a text notification, you can enroll in our text alerts program to receive a text message when your prescription is ready for pick-up.

10. When can I pick-up my prescriptions?

Prescriptions may be picked up during Physicians Preference Pharmacy’s business hours.

Compounded medication

11. Can you accommodate my allergies, religious beliefs and dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! Please call Physicians Preference Pharmacy at 281-828-9088 or 877-640-5248 and ask to speak with a pharmacist.

12. What is the difference between commercially available hormones and Physicians Preference Pharmacy compounded hormones?

Commercially available hormones are not always bioidentical and may also contain fillers and dyes that can be highly allergenic.  At Physicians Preference Pharmacy, we specialize in compounded bioidentical hormones customized to each individual patient that are free of dyes, lactose, and added sugars. Why Choose Physicians Preference Pharmacy article 

13. How can I refill my prescription at Physicians Preference Pharmacy?

We make it easy to refill prescriptions! 

  • Order online at Physicians Preference Pharmacy and saves 10%.
  • Enroll in Autofill and have your prescriptions automatically refilled.
  • Call and speak to one of our pharmacy staff.
  • Use the REFILLPRO APP to refill and manage prescriptions (available on both Android and Apple devices).

 14. Will the heat/cold affect my prescriptions during shipment?

Even if your medications have been exposed to extreme heat/cold during the shipping process, please be assured that the potency of the products has not been compromised. All of our preparations endure the same extreme conditions when shipping for potency analysis. There is no need to refrigerate your medications upon receipt; simply store them at controlled room temperature. Please do not hesitate to call a pharmacist at 281-828-9088 or 877-640-5248 should you have any questions or concerns.