Yeast-Free Fried Rice!

We are almost a week into our second month of yeast -free dieting so I thought now would be a great time to share a recipe! If you’ve found yourself missing Chinese take-out, this yeast- free version of fried rice is sure to please. Even my finicky fiancé enjoyed it! Ingredients: - 1 head of

Website Walkthrough!

A question we sometimes receive in the pharmacy is “How do I refill my prescriptions online?” Refilling online can be quick, easy and most importantly it will save you 10 percent off your order, which really adds up over time! To help answer this question I have put together a walk-through of how to use

Time to Order Your Diflucan!

As most of you already know the first month of Yeast-Free with Me is coming to a close. If you started with us on January 16 you are entering your fourth week of the eating program. This is a major accomplish and everyone should pat themselves on the back right now! Since you have successfully

Pesky Parabens!

"Earlier this month, researchers at the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Center at the University Hospital of South Manchester, England, released the results of a three-year study that measured the concentrations of five parabens at four different locations across the human breast using human breast tissue collected from 40 women undergoing mastectomies for primary breast cancer

Want to Get Yeast Free With Me?

As the beginning of the year I often times find myself feeling a little bloated, tired and my pants fitting a little tighter. All of the holiday treats I took part in over the past two months have filled my system with yeast! The overgrowth of yeast in our colons, which is part of our

The Importance of Medication Compliance

I can admit that when my life gets busy and stressful I have been guilty of being non-compliant with my medication. I thought with the New Year arriving a good resolution for me to stick to is to be compliant with my hormones and allergy medications. To find out exactly what compliance is, how it