Stocking Stuffers from Santa!

By: Physicians Preference RX

No matter your age, you’re never too old to believe in Santa! Have the Santa Claus in your life stuff your stocking with a few of our specialty preparations to restore your youth and give your skin a holiday glow this Christmas season!
Hotze Eye Renewal Cream: Compounded with fine ingredients that have been shown in studies to reduce wrinkles, puffiness and darkness under the eyes.
Dr. Hotze’s Acne Free Cream: Contains ingredients that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness, antimicrobial agents to treat the bacteria that causes the acne, and vitamin A, which has been shown to increase the capacity of the skin to regenerate.
Hotze Rosacea Cream: This cream contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, powerful anti-oxidants and vitamin K, which assists in the healing of capillaries or blood vessels that may have enlarged or burst, causing red lines that often show through the skin.
Hotze Sun/Age Spot Cream: This preparation contains ingredients that have been widely used and shown to lighten areas of darkened skin, anti-oxidants, vitamin A, and a strong moisturizing agent to help the skin retain moisture and elasticity.
Hotze Skin Renewal Cream: One of our most popular preparations, it contains ingredients that have been shown to promote collagen synthesis, protect skin from UV damage, and improve elasticity and decrease wrinkle and pore size. It also contains anti-oxidants that reduce free radicals!
Hotze Vitalizer Oil: This amazing oil contains Argan Oil, Rose Hip Oil and vitamin B5. These ingredients rejuvenate and hydrate skin, allow the skin to reposition itself without wrinkling, and moisturize the skin.
Also, be sure to schedule a skin-care consultation with one of our compounding pharmacists during THE Extravaganza, November 26 through November 30, by e-mailing us at Make sure to include your name and what time you would like to meet!
Make sure to stuff your stockings full of our wonderful all-natural paraben-free skin-care preparations! All specialty skin-care preparations are included in THE Extravaganza!