Myth #4: My Pharmacy is Right Around the Corner

Author: Lori Brannan, RPh

Myth #4: My Pharmacy is Right Around the Corner

At Physicians Preference Pharmacy, we are committed to providing you with the highest-quality compounded medications and ensuring optimal outcomes with your treatment. We pride ourselves on maintaining the strictest quality standards in compounding to ensure your well-being and satisfaction.

As part of our commitment to your care, we recently conducted a market analysis of local pharmacies and discovered five prevalent myths that we want to debunk together.Today in our Myth Series, we will discuss our fourth myth:

MYTH #4: My pharmacy is right around the corner. 

Reality: At Physicians Preference Pharmacy, we prioritize prompt service and convenience. We aim to ship all prescriptions within 24-48 hours, with most orders delivered right to your doorstep within 3-5 business days. In contrast, our market analysis revealed that the surveyed pharmacies took 5-10 days to deliver orders. The convenience of having your package delivered directly to you is invaluable.

While there may be numerous local compounding pharmacies in close proximity to your home or office, it’s important to consider the convenience and reliability of our service. We understand the value of your time and strive to ensure that you receive your medications promptly and efficiently. With our streamlined processes and focus on prompt delivery, you can trust us to provide the convenience you want.

By choosing Physicians Preference Pharmacy, you gain access to:

  1. Timely Service: Our commitment to shipping prescriptions within 24-48 hours ensures that you receive your medications quickly, without unnecessary delays. We understand the importance of consistent treatment and aim to make the process as smooth as possible.
  2. Reliable Delivery: We take pride in our efficient delivery service, ensuring that your package arrives on your doorstep within 3-5 business days. This eliminates the need for you to make additional trips to a local pharmacy, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your health and well-being. On a tight timeline and need it faster? We also offer overnight shipping, when needed, at an additional cost. We know how important your prescriptions are and we offer options. You ask and WE DELIVER!
  3. Peace of Mind: With our convenient delivery service, you can trust that your medications will be delivered safely and securely. We take every precaution to ensure that your packages arrive in excellent condition, maintaining the quality and integrity of your compounded medications.
  4. Autofill: Set your prescriptions up on autofill and never have to worry about the refill process again! Your prescriptions will be filled and shipped to you on the day and at the frequency you designate. Enrolling in this program not only makes things more convenient for you, but you will also save 15% on your orders!

If you have any questions or would like to transfer your compounded prescriptions to or back to Physicians Preference Pharmacy, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us at 281-828-9088. For your convenience, your prescriptions can be picked up at our pharmacy or shipped to your home. We offer overnight and two-day options, as well.

We look forward to serving you and ensuring that your health remains our highest priority. Thank you for choosing Physicians Preference Pharmacy as your trusted compounding pharmacy.

Yours in health,

Physicians Preference Pharmacy