7 Reasons You’ll Love Our Face and Body Revitalizer Oil

Author: Angela Foley, PharmD, RPh

7 Reasons You’ll Love Our Face and Body Revitalizer Oil

Would you like to have soft, silky skin and hair? Our Revitalizer Oil, a rich, intensely hydrating blend of oils, is a perfect alternative moisturizer to the chemically-laden products commercially available on the market. It is perfect for the whole family!


ARGAN OIL is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It is recognized for its moisturizing, rejuvenating and hydrating effects on the skin.

ROSEHIP OIL is rich in vitamins E, A and essential fatty acids. It is recognized for nourishing the skin and supporting the protein fibers collagen and elastin.

SQUALANE is an oil that has unique antioxidant properties that protect the skin from free radical damage.


1. Diminishes scarring caused by acne, eczema, surgery, chicken pox and burns; has potent cell regeneration properties that help aid in the healing process by replacing scar tissue with healthy normal tissue.

2. Fights aging by helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Hydrates the skin by helping restore the balance of healthy omega oils and water which rehydrate the skin.

4. Lightens pigmentation by helping to lighten pigmentation spots (including “pregnancy mask”) because it increases the skin’s ability to produce new cells.

5. Reduces stretch marks by helping to repair and replace damaged skin tissue. In doing so, it reduces the appearance of stretch marks and evens out skin tone.

6. Treats split ends.

7. Softens cuticles.

Directions: Apply a small amount into hands and massage into affected areas in the morning and before bed. As a body moisturizer, it may be used all over damp skin after a shower or bath.

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