How to Treat Nail Fungal Infections

Author: Ivy Garza, PharmD, RPh

How to Treat Nail Fungal Infections

Have your fingernails or toenails become yellowish or discolored? Are they brittle and cracked? These are signs that you could have a nail fungus infection.

Fungal infections of the nails, known as onychomycosis, are extremely common and notoriously hard to cure. The topical antifungal ointments sold in drugstores aren’t very effective. Oral antifungal drugs sometimes help, but even laser treatments and surgery are not always a permanent solution. Many of our guests, however, have had good results with a specially compounded nail solution that contains two antifungal medications plus tea tree oil, a traditional remedy for fungal infections.

The “magic” of this solution is DMSO, which acts as a carrier to penetrate the nail and deliver the active ingredients where they can get to work. It is not an overnight cure—there’s no such thing. However, if you are patient and use it daily as the infected nail grows out, you have a good chance of getting rid of this unsightly condition once and for all.

This proprietary nail solution is available only at Physicians Preference Pharmacy. To learn more, contact the pharmacy at 281-828-9088.

It’s time to have beautiful nails again!