Healthy Eating Habits for the New Year

Author: Angela Foley, PharmD, RPh

Healthy Eating Habits for the New Year

Happy New Year! Is your New Year’s resolution to eat healthy? Start the New Year off right with healthy eating habits by doing a yeast-free eating program.

Benefits of Yeast-Free Eating Program

Weight loss
More energy
Mental clarity
Improved memory
Better skin health
Feel better overall
Improved gastrointestinal health
Boosts immune system

Eating yeast-free can help alleviate symptoms such as:

Yeast infections
Skin rashes
Joint pain
Abdominal pain

Nystatin is a great tool to help you eliminate the yeast in your gut:


-Anti-yeast medication that works in the GI tract to eliminate yeast.
-Only affects the GI tract and is not metabolized by the liver or absorbed into the bloodstream.
-Side effects are generally related to yeast die-off, such as bloating,gas and abdominal cramps. These side effects typically occur at the beginning of treatment and subside after a few days.
-Unlike some nystatin on the market, Physicians Preference Pharmacy’s nystatin is sugar-free.

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