Why Glutathione is Essential for Good Health

Author: Lori Brannan, RPh

Why Glutathione is Essential for Good Health

Every day our bodies are exposed to numerous amounts of toxins in our environment. They come in several forms including pesticides, insecticides, preservatives in our foods, alcohol, tobacco, parabens and chemicals in lotions and personal care products. If left alone, these toxins will overtake our bodies, leading us to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, degenerative arthritis and other serious health conditions.

Furthermore, these chemicals are hormone disruptors which cause our hormones to fall out of balance. Symptoms of hormonal imbalance from toxins include dizziness, loss of mental acuity, weight gain, joint and muscle aches and pains, and fatigue.

Detoxing helps to balance your hormones, helps with better absorption of nutrients, and even contributes to healthier weight loss, or true fat loss.

Glutathione is the most critical and integral part of your detoxification system. Glutathione, also known as the master antioxidant, is a tripeptide (consisting of cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid) found in surprisingly high levels of concentration in most cells of the body. Adequate availability of glutathione is critical for maintaining health, protecting the body from toxins, and promoting longevity. (1)

Toxins “stick onto” glutathione and are carried out of the body through waste. This helps you reach peak mental and physical function and protects your body against disease. It helps with detoxification, neutralization of free radicals, and is vital to mitochondrial function (helps with energy).

Research shows that a glutathione deficiency is associated with diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, pulmonary disease, immune diseases, liver disease, and  chronic age-related diseases. A research study of the elderly found that higher glutathione levels were associated with higher levels of physical health, fewer illnesses, and higher levels of self-rated health. (1)

Glutathione comes in several forms, including a convenient sublingual tablet, such as the one we offer at Physicians Preference Pharmacy. It quickly dissolves under the tongue, so it’s fast and convenient.

So as you can see, glutathione is crucial for optimal health. Call our pharmacists today with any questions you have about glutathione or to order your prescription at 281-828-9088. It will be our privilege to serve you.


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