What Your Pharmacist Can Do for You

By: Physicians Preference RX

Female pharmacist with a female customer in her pharmacy

As strange as it may sound, most people have no idea what exactly their pharmacist can do for them. As shown in this report to the U.S. Surgeon General, pharmacists can serve in a variety of roles – many you may not have ever realized!

In case you’re wondering, here are a few things that your pharmacists at Physicians Preference Pharmacy can do for you:

1. We are your advocate! We will work with you to come up with solutions that will help you be successful on your treatment, as well as save you money and decrease the number of capsules you take per day.

2. We can initiate or adjust treatment. If you are interested in trying prescription skincare, just let us know! We will be happy to contact your provider for a prescription.

3. We can educate and provide counseling. If you are having trouble managing your hormones or have any questions about your hormone supplementation, we are here to help you! By phone or in person, we can help you come up with a plan that will work for you.

Contact Physicians Preference Pharmacy today at 281-828-9088 for counseling, for skincare prescriptions, or for help with finding solutions to be successful on your treatment program!