Time to Order Your Diflucan!

By: Physicians Preference RX

As most of you already know the first month of Yeast-Free with Me is coming to a close. If you started with us on January 16 you are entering your fourth week of the eating program. This is a major accomplish and everyone should pat themselves on the back right now! Since you have successfully made it this far, don’t forget one last and very important step to the Yeast-Free Eating Program: taking your Diflucan (Fluconazole.)

Diflucan is a systemic, anti-fungal medication; this is one of the last steps in eradicating the yeast from your colon. The Diflucan should be taken during the fourth week of your Yeast-Free diet, unless told otherwise by your physician. I plan on continuing my Yeast-Free challenge for two more months! Any other blog followers out there plan on doing the diet for a full three months with me? If so post a comment and let me know, that way we can continue cheering each other on!