Secrets to Achieving Blemish-Free Skin

By: Physicians Preference RX

blemishfree skin
For many of us, achieving a blemish-free, glowing appearance can be a challenging task. Surprisingly, two of the most common factors that contribute to undesirable skin are hormonal imbalances and food allergies.
Balanced estrogen and progesterone levels allow for increased skin elasticity which will not only help prevent wrinkles and sagging, but will also help your skin heal more quickly. Many people find that when they replenish their natural hormones, their skin changes dramatically.
Food allergies are very common and could easily be the cause of your skin woes. In fact, up to 15 million Americans suffer from food allergies, and a lot of them may not even realize it. While it can take some patience to determine if they are the culprit of your blemished skin, you will be amazed at how much better you feel. Get started by keeping a food diary to track what you have eaten and how it has affected you. Allergy testing can help guide you, as well.
If your skin needs a little bit of extra help in the meantime, we recommend Dr. Hotze’s natural, antibiotic-free acne cream, which contains the following all-natural ingredients:
• Azelaic Acid and Tea Tree Oil – natural antimicrobials
• Niacinamide – a natural anti-inflammatory
• Aloe Vera Oil – antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory & moisturizer
• Vitamin A (Retinoic Acid) – increases the capacity of the skin to regenerate, unclog the pores and decreases the sebum excretion rate

If you have any questions about Hotze Acne Free Cream or want know how we can help you achieve blemish-free skin, contact Hotze Pharmacy today!