Phys Pref Hair Support Solution for Hair Loss

Author: Racquel Bruce, RPh

Phys Pref Hair Support Solution for Hair Loss

We all love having a beautiful head of hair. It is a part of our identity and who we are. So if we start to lose our hair, there is no way around it – we will be upset. Hair loss can be devastating for both women and men. Whether our hair is thinning, or we are losing hair in the shower or on our pillow, whatever the case may be, we are desperately seeking a solution so we can regrow our hair and feel like our old self again.

Approximately 35 million men and 21 million women in the United States experience some type of noticeable hair loss by age 40. The most frequent causes are as follows:

Common Causes of Hair Loss

  • family history
  • age
  • alopecia areata
  • cancer treatment
  • childbirth
  • illness
  • trauma/stressors
  • hormonal imbalance (such as thyroid)
  • vitamin A toxicity
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • mast cell activation syndrome

Identifying the root cause of hair loss is necessary in determining if regrowth is possible and in preventing permanent hair loss. Hair loss may not present itself until a few months after the perpetuating incident occurs, and loss may be either gradual or abrupt.

The most common cause of hair loss and thinning in both men and women is hereditary, also referred to as male and female pattern baldness. As seen in the image below, female pattern hair loss typically occurs along the part, whereas for men, thinning generally occurs on the crown or as a receding hairline.

graphic chart of female and male pattern hair loss


The goal of Phys Pref Hair Support Solution is to decrease hair loss, promote hair growth and increase hair follicle size and thickness. This proprietary compounded product achieves this via application of three unique active ingredients: GHK-Cu, progesterone and sirolimus.

GHK-Cu is a copper tripeptide naturally found in the human body that plays a role in hair growth, skin repair and wound healing. Because this tripeptide is highly bioavailable, it efficaciously penetrates the hair follicle during treatment. GHK-Cu has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and it stimulates collagen production, which promotes hair regrowth after thinning.

A powerful antioxidant, GHK-Cu works to preserve both color and shine while protecting new hair growth from oxidative damage such as ultraviolet radiation. GHK-Cu also stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which encourages the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the hair follicle for hair regrowth. Lastly, GHK-Cu prolongs the “anagen phase” of the hair’s life cycle, which results in the active growth of new hair follicles.

Progesterone works as nature’s own 5-alpha reductase inhibitor (5-ARI). Like other 5-ARIs commercially used for hair regrowth, such as finasteride and dutasteride, progesterone inhibits the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that is responsible for converting testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). High levels of DHT can shrink hair follicles and cause thinning and brittle hair. An accumulation of DHT also makes it more difficult to grow new hairs once old hairs are lost. Progesterone, therefore, decreases this accumulation of DHT, allowing the hair to once again grow.

Sirolimus promotes cellular detoxification, decreases inflammation around the follicle and has the potential to reverse or halt greying. Sirolimus can induce the transition of the hair cycle from the telolgen to the anagen phase, thereby promoting hair regrowth.

Phys Pref Hair Support Solution

With just a few drops Phys Pref Hair Support Solution applied to the affected area twice daily, we are seeing noticeable results within weeks. Phys Pref Hair Support Solution may be used by both men and women and may be applied to a select area or to the entire scalp.

man before and after hair loss photos

Get Your Phys Pref Hair Support Solution

Phys Pref Hair Support Solution is available only at Physicians Preference Pharmacy. Speak with your provider about a prescription and please call our pharmacists with any questions about our hair loss protocol at 281-828-9088. It will be our privilege to serve you!


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