Top 5 Nutrition Tips

By: Physicians Preference RX

March is National Nutrition Month, which is perfect timing to shed those last few pounds before bikini season. I follow these five tips to really fine-tune my nutrition during the month of March:

  1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t skimp on breakfast! Breakfast fuels us for the day and gives our metabolism a jump start. If you’re short on time I love these delicious, yeast-free egg cups, which can be refrigerated and grabbed on the go.
  2. Pre-pack healthy snacks to resist office temptations. Whether it’s a vending machine full of candy, or a co-worker who always brings doughnuts, packing your own, healthy snacks will keep you on track! I love packaging serving sizes of almonds or pre-packing vegetables with a serving of hummus or guacamole.
  3. Drink plenty of water! Keeping properly hydrated makes you feel full longer, has been shown to improve skin tone, and keeps your body running like a well-oiled machine!
  4. Be active! While nutrition month makes us think of fueling our bodies properly, being active is one of my top tips. Instead of eating popcorn in front of the TV, go take your dog for a walk, or go for a bike ride with your kids!
  5. Avoid the inside aisles of the grocery store. Have you ever noticed that in most grocery stores the meat and produce are located on the outer edges of the store, and all of the processed or canned foods are located on the inside aisles? When I grocery shop I stay away from the aisles! I get all of my meat, produce, and the few frozen vegetables I buy from the perimeter of the store and resist piling my basket with heavily processed temptations!

Please share with me your Nutrition tips! Also, Hotze Pharmacy will be offering free ground shipping this entire month! No code necessary, just place your order!