How to Get Rid of Yeast for Good

By: Physicians Preference RX

How to Get Rid of Yeast for Good

The yeast-free eating program is a great way to shed unwanted pounds, enjoy a healthier lifestyle and feel more energy. In order to get rid of the yeast for good, it’s crucial to kill the yeast in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which usually requires the following medications.


  • Anti-yeast medication that works in the GI tract to eliminate yeast
  • Only affects the GI tract and is not metabolized by the liver or absorbed into the bloodstream
  • Side effects are generally related to yeast die-off, such as bloating, gas and abdominal cramps. These side effects typically occur at the beginning of treatment and subside after a few days.
  • Unlike some nystatin on the market, Physicians Preference Pharmacy’s nystatin is sugar-free.

Yeast can be finicky, and when you try to eliminate it in the colon, it likes to show up in other places, i.e. athlete’s foot fungal infections, vaginal yeast infections, fungal skin rashes, and fungal toenail infections. To keep this from happening, your provider may also prescribe fluconazole.


  • Systemic yeast medication which enters the bloodstream and throughout the body.
  • This is usually a short, 7-day treatment.
  • Has several known drug interactions, so if you are taking other prescriptions, discuss with your pharmacist before taking it.

Whether you join us for Yeast-Free with Me or are beginning the program on your own, if you have questions about your medications, please contact Physicians Preference Pharmacy at (281) 828-9088. It will be our privilege to serve you.