Top 5 Reasons We Love Our Guests!

By: Physicians Preference RX

Guest Appreciation Week has arrived and I decided I’d go around the pharmacy and ask different staff members a few reasons why they love our Hotze Pharmacy guests! I thought I’d share these with you so you all would know how much we truly appreciate you!

  1. James in the compounding lab loves our guests because they give him the opportunity to compound quality products that he is proud to be able to supply to our guests!
  2. I love our guests because of the moments of cheer and laughter they fill our day with when we get the opportunity to talk to them on the phone.
  3. Barb and Dawn love seeing our guests walk in the front door and the joy their smiling faces bring to them.
  4. Our pharmacists love being able to counsel our guests and help them get their lives back!
  5. .. and the top reason is that we LOVE having the opportunity to help our guests change their lives, while they in turn enrich and change ours!

We hope all of you enjoy our beach themed Guest Appreciation Week! Also, don’t forget that all during this week, July 23rd through July 27th, you can save an additional 10% in Hotze Pharmacy, and everyone who places their order online will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card!