Happy Fitness Month!

By: Physicians Preference RX

Since I absolutely love Fitness Month, I asked around the pharmacy and found out what several of our staff members favorite exercises are!

Amy and Kim, our pharmacists, enjoy doing yoga because it is a relaxing stress reliever and helps them stay physically fit.

Barb at the front desk enjoys going for walks with her husband. It is a great way for them to spend time together and get in some good exercise.

Cheryle in shipping is currently training for Tough Mudder! She is learning to enjoy running, along with strength training.

Lucia, our compounding expert, enjoys swimming. Being in the water gives her the quiet relaxation time she needs to unwind from a long day.

Daisy, another one of our super compounders, enjoys Jazzercise! The group workouts choreographed to the music, along with strength training, gives her something to look forward to during the week.

I suppose my answer is pretty obvious to any of you who are following the blog, but my favorite exercise is running. Running dissolves all of my stress and worries and makes me feel on top of the world! The feeling of completing a race is like no other!

I look forward to celebrating Fitness Month with you all and hearing all of your favorite exercises!