This prescription has been compounded by Physicians Preference Pharmacy on physician’s orders.  This pharmacy reports prescriptions for controlled substances to the Prescription Monitoring Program as required by the state of your residence.


Contains the following: Bio-identical testosterone

Testosterone is identical to the hormones that are produced in the human body primarily by the ovaries in women or the testes in men.


Testosterone is used to treat hormone deficiencies in men and women and other conditions as determined by the patient’s physician. Doses may come in capsule, cream, sublingual tablet or injectable.


This medicine may be administered as an oral capsule, topical preparation,  injection or sublingual tablet.  Do not exceed the prescribed dosage.


If you have Diabetes Mellitus and use insulin, this medicine may effect blood sugar and insulin requirements.  Patients should check blood glucose levels closely and ask their physician before adjusting the dose of their insulin.  This drug should not be used during pregnancy.  If you become pregnant or think you may be pregnant, inform your physician immediately.  It is not known if this medication is excreted in breast milk. Because the possibility exists this medication may have serious, harmful effects on a nursing infant. Nursing should not be undertaken while using this drug.  Consult your physician. This product can expose you to chemicals including testosterone, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer/birth defects or other reproductive harm (California Prop 65 Warning).


This medication may cause stomach upset, headache, and acne.  These effects should disappear as your body adjusts to the medication.  Other side effects may include increased hair growth on the face and body, male pattern baldness, change in sex drive, anxiety, and depression.  Males may experience enlargement of the breasts and increase in the frequency and duration of erections.  If any side effects continue or become bothersome, inform your physician.  In women this may cause menstrual irregularities, hoarseness, deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement, increased facial hair growth, and acne or thinning hair.  Notify your physician if any of these effects occur.  WARNING: SECONDARY EXPOSURE TO TESTOSTERONE CREAM: Virilization has been reported in children who were secondarily exposed to testosterone cream. Children should avoid contact with unwashed or unclothed application sites in patients using testosterone cream.


If you miss a dose, take as soon as remembered, but not within 6 hours of your next dose, then resume your normal dosing schedule.  Do not “double-up” the dose.


Upon receipt, store at controlled room temperature away from sunlight and moisture.


Capsules – Green and white capsule;  Creams – white Topi Click twist applicator with green cap for topical creams; Topi Click Perl with applicator for vaginal creams; Sublingual Tablet – White round tablet


Contact the pharmacy for instructions on how to safely dispose of unused medication. Do not flush unused medication or pour down sink or drain.