Testosterone Improves Long-Term Weight Control in Men

Author: Kimberly Bennett, RPh

Testosterone Improves Long-Term Weight Control in Men

Men, are your workouts not as effective as they used to be? Do you have a “spare tire” around your waist? Has it become difficult to lose weight and gain muscle tone? Do you eat healthy and live an active lifestyle? When you seem to be doing everything right but still can’t get the weight loss results you want, then it is possible that a decline in testosterone levels could be the culprit.

At a recent Endocrine Society annual meeting, German physicians reported on an observational study of long-term use of testosterone replacement therapy in 273 obese men in their late-50s to mid-60s. When the men were reevaluated 10 years after starting on testosterone, they had lost an average of 50 pounds (20 percent of their baseline weight) and nearly five inches of waist circumference. Meanwhile, a control group of 189 men who declined testosterone treatment had gained an average of 7.1 pounds and 1.8 inches in girth. There were also significantly fewer deaths, strokes, and heart attacks in the men who were treated with testosterone compared to those in the control group. (1)

Another research study showed that long-term testosterone therapy in men with low testosterone produced significant and sustained weight loss, marked reduction in waist circumference and BMI, and improvement in body composition. This was attributed to improved mitochondrial function (the power houses within your cells), increased energy utilization, increased motivation and vigor that resulted in improved cardio-metabolic function, and enhanced physical activity. (2)

Weight loss is one of testosterone therapy’s many wonderful benefits. If you’re also dealing with low energy, loss of muscle mass, decreased mental sharpness, low libido or ED, depressed or irritable moods, or just feeling old before your time, then declining testosterone levels could be the underlying cause.

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