Liberty Announcement

By: Physicians Preference RX

Dear Friend,

We are making changes to improve for YOU!

On Monday, 9/19/22, Physicians Preference Pharmacy will go live with a new software system.  It is our goal to make this a smooth transition for you, so we want to let you know what to expect.


  • 9/16/22 – 9/18/22: Online refills will be unavailable.

Once the upgrade is complete, there will be a couple of things we will request of you:

  • Credit Card Information: While your patient profile will be converted to the new system, your credit card information, because it is encrypted, will not. To ship your prescriptions to you, we will need to obtain and store your credit card information again. After 9/19/22, please feel free to call and give your credit card information to be stored, even if you are not refilling a prescription at that time.
  • Autofill: Your autofill notes will also convert over, so we will be able to add your prescriptions to autofill in the new system. If, however, your autofill date passes without you receiving your prescriptions, please contact us immediately so that we can get your prescriptions filled and corrected for autofill going forward.
  • Online Refills/App: Lastly, with a software change, there will be an online refill system change. If you refill your prescriptions online, you will continue to press the orange “Refills” button on our website to refill and follow the instructions on the system.  It will look different than the previous refill portal, as it is connected to the new system. The RefillQuick app is available for download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store (see attached QR codes). To refill using the app, enter the pharmacy phone number to begin, 281-828-9088, then follow the prompts.

Again, we will strive to make this as seamless as possible for you.  However, if you encounter any issues, please contact us and we will take care of it right away.



Physicians Preference Pharmacy team.