How to Create Your Hotze Pharmacy Online Account

By: Physicians Preference RX

Go to
1) Click on the tab “REFILLS”
2) Click on “Order Prescription Refills”
step 2
3) Click on “Register”
step 3
4) Enter a valid prescription number located on any of your containers from Hotze Pharmacy (number is located on the top left corner of your prescription label)
5) Enter your date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
6) Enter your email address that you use to communicate with Hotze Pharmacy.
7) Click on “Register”. DO NOT close the software. Open your email account in a new window.
step 4
a) Check your e-mail box. You will have an e-mail with a code (token). It may also be in your junk mail box. Copy that code and paste it on field 8. This is a case sensitive field. To copy the number, double click on the number until it is highlighted, right click and choose the option “copy” Go to the field number 8 and right click and choose the option “paste”.
b) If you did not receive an e-mail with the code that means the e-mail address you have on file with Hotze Pharmacy is not current. Please call Hotze Pharmacy for further assistance (281-828-9088 or e-mail
c) If you received an error message, your internet browser is not compatible. Please install a newer version of the Chrome by copying this link and pasting on your internet browser:
Follow the directions for installation. When it is completed open the new Chrome window, and go to Hotze Pharmacy website ( and start on step 1 again.
8) Copy that code (token) received in email and paste it on field 8
9) Enter your user name (it could be your old one)
10) Enter your password (it could be your old one)
11) Re-enter your password for accuracy
12) Click on “Continue”
step 7
Congratulations! You will read a message in green saying you’re successfully registered to the new system!
13) Enter your user name
14) Enter your password
15) Click on “login”
Now you will be able access your records.